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Provider of efficient, flexible, and reliable clean power solutions

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Alma, by Clara

Alma is the first venture to be launched out of Clara Venture Labs, a venture platform backed by Aker, with a long track record of developing breakthrough industrial technology. Focusing on space and ocean space technologies,

Clara is experts in developing efficient, safe, and reliable solutions with the compact characteristics required for these industries.

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Born and built in the maritime capital Bergen

With the maritime in our DNA, Alma is powering the ocean industries.
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Our clean power history

Alma has set out on a voyage to develop clean power solutions for the future. The introduction to Alma’s adventure is world leading competence in fuel cell technology developed over more than 30 years of research and innovation in maritime, energy and space technology. Alma installed its first fuel cell offshore back in 1991, and are now building world's first large scale ammonia fuel cell demonstration on a commercial vessel.
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Anywhere, everywhere

Alma’s highly efficient and compact solution enables ocean industries and other remotely located sectors to adopt clean power solutions.

“From space to ocean space, high efficiency, reliability and compactness is key. Alma technology is developed on these premises”

Bernt Skeie, Founder and CEO, Alma.