Alma on track to build the world's largest direct ammonia Solid Oxide Fuel Cell system

In collaboration with Aker Solutions, Alma is building a complete 100 kW direct ammonia solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) system at Ågotnes, outside of Bergen, marking a significant advancement in clean maritime energy technology.

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By Annette Frotjold - In the picture: Hans Fredrik Lindøen-Kjellnes, Caroline Stephansen, Morten Helgeland, Daniel Stakkestad Klakegg, Tom Christer Flogstad Published

The 100 kW SOFC system will serve as a building block for larger ship installations, enabling zero-emission operations with green ammonia.

Upon its completion, the SOFC system will be transported to the EnergyHouse at Stord, where it will undergo rigorous testing for maritime operations. These tests are critical in ensuring that the system meets the high standards required for maritime environments.

Direct ammonia fuel cell system

Alma’s unique technology enables direct feeding of ammonia into the fuel cell system, bypassing the need for any energy intensive pre-treatment that converts the fuel into hydrogen prior to electricity production. With significantly higher efficiency levels compared to traditional combustion engines, this technology has the potential to make ammonia operated maritime energy systems economically viable for ship owners.

Green ammonia, produced by electrolysis powered by renewables, is a carbon-free fuel with great potential to decarbonize the maritime industries.

The Energy House

The Energy House is a state-of-the-art test facility dedicated to advancing the use of new and sustainable fuels in the ocean space. Located at Stord, Norway, it is the world's first full-scale test facility of its kind. With a fuel infrastructure capable of handling an array of potential future fuels such as H2, NH3, LOHC, methanol, ethanol, and LNG, it is possible to test up to 3 MW on a variety of powertrains. The Energy House will be Alma’s fast-track path towards commercial fuel cells for the ocean space.

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Comprehensive health monitoring

The 100 kW direct ammonia fuel cell system will be meticulously monitored through an intricate network of sensors to ensure continuous data collection and optimal performance.